Your Nashville Birth Doula

Your Nashville Birth Doula

Feel supported and prepared.

There is such a mix of emotions that come with childbirth. We want joy to be the dominant one!

For nine months, you have been focused on growing your baby; and the time has finally arrived to meet your precious little one. Your birth doula will work with you throughout your pregnancy to prepare you for this transformative experience.

  • She will listen to your wishes and help you create a birth plan to share with your care providers so that you can decide the terms of your birth.
  • She will work collaboratively with your support person and care provider to help facilitate a fulfilling and supported experience.
  • She will be on-call and ready to support you through labor with comfort measures, position changes, and relaxation techniques.

Your birth doula is committed to making sure you feel comforted, nurtured, and heard.

Woman supporting a woman in labor in living room

Before Labor

  • Birth Plan Consultation to thoroughly understand your wishes and preferences and a personalized birth plan emailed to you.
  • Comfort measures and labor prep session
  • Referrals available to vetted prenatal professional resources (i.e., IBCLCs, maternal mental health specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists, pediatricians)
  • Email/text support
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During Labor

  • On Call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks
  • Complete access to your doula once labor begins
  • In-person physical comfort measures by your doula including breathing techniques, counter-pressure, and positional changes
  • Maintains a calm, stress-free environment with ongoing support and guidance.
woman holding newborn with man looking on

After Labor

  • Hands-on support with infant feeding, positioning, and comfort during the Golden Hour (baby’s first hour)
  • In-home postpartum follow up visit
  • Referrals available to vetted professional postpartum resources (i.e., IBCLCs, maternal mental health specialists, pediatricians).

We create custom birth doula packages specific to your needs:

Each of our doula packages is thoughtfully and individually crafted to meet your unique needs and desires, ensuring your birthing experience is nothing short of extraordinary. We invite you to contact us today to explore your options and curate a package of unparalleled care and support.


Every pregnancy and birthing journey is unique and we value and celebrate that here at Southern Doula Services. Our customizable packages offer you the pinnacle of personalized care, ensuring your birth plan is a reflection of your individual preferences and dreams.


We seamlessly collaborate with you and your partner to craft a birth plan that aligns perfectly with your values and aspirations. Our seasoned doulas are your dedicated partners, offering guidance, solace, and inspiration throughout your transformative journey.


Our team is devoted to delivering unwavering emotional support, solace, and a tranquil presence during labor and delivery. We are here to ensure you feel poised and empowered throughout the birthing process.


Our menu of services comprises prenatal consultations, continuous labor support, postpartum nurturing, childbirth education, and beyond. You have the liberty to curate a package that embodies your unique needs and desires.

FAQ's about working with Southern Doula Services

Yes. We can support families through both a planned or unplanned c-section.  Your birth doula will provide pre and post caesarean support and depending on hospital procedure may be able to accompany you into the operating room.  She will be available to answer all of your questions and provide a calming, comforting presence throughout the experience.