Corporate Program

Corporate Program

Enhance your company wellness offerings for new families.

Ensure your Nashville area company offers the support your employees need to thrive when welcoming home a newborn.

Striking the right balance between professional commitments and family responsibility can be a daunting task for new parents. Many have relocated to the area and are living far from their network of support. Quite often, they are on a tight deadline to return to their professional obligations.

We find that career-oriented families seek out professional support knowing the challenges they will face with the unpredictable on-demand schedule of a newborn.

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The research is clear. When you add postpartum support services, everyone benefits.

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Your employee experiences:

  • Restorative sleep for the entire family
  • Emotional support during this time of transition
  • A supportive workplace environment as they transition into parenthood.
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Your company benefits with:

  • Inclusive and positive office environment for young parents seeking to balance work & family life.
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved employee retention thanks to family-friendly benefit packages.

According to a recent Forbes article,

“When parents are supported at work, it’s better for them, for families and for communities. But it’s also better for business, because people can bring their best effort when they’re supported in all aspects of their lives.”

Every year your company has employees who experience a major life change as they welcome a new baby into their family.

If you are interested in hearing more about what a partnership with Southern Doula Services would look like for your organization, the next step is to schedule a time to discuss a package tailored to your needs.